CELEBRITIES IN PEARLS: Pharrell Williams Wears Hand-Painted Karl Lagerfeld Sweatshirt with Pearls

‘Happy’ singer, Pharrell Williams sure has become known for his quirky and unique style (and large hats) and he did not disappoint as he walked the streets wearing a fashion statement trend—pearls!

The music genius looked in vogue with a custom made Karl Lagerfeld sweatshirt which showcases the words “Chanel” hand-painted by the legend Karl Lagerfeld himself, along with trendy jeans, Chanel belt, oversized hat, cat-eye glasses, Ugg-type boots, and for an accent piece, a long pearl necklace (slightly hidden under his top). read more


This week we, at Pearls Only, are celebrating the beauty of pearls. I know, we celebrate pearls everyday but this week we will be celebrating with a fashion stylist that knows the importance of wearing pearls and why they are associated with class, elegance, professionalism and great stature.

Tish Thomas, a fashion stylist that has worked with major campaigns that include, Target, Nordstrom’s, Old Navy and Kenneth Cole, just to name a few, enlightens us on when pearls are not fashionable.

Can it be possible that pearls can be not in fashion? We, at Pearls Only, feel that pearls fit almost any style and go with anything. Read on to what Ms. Thomas has to say: read more

SHOES AND PEARLS: Luichiny “Wish for It” Heels and Pearls Only Jewelry

We are getting ready for summer and we hope you are too!

Part of getting ready is making sure you have all the clothing you need to be chic for the beautiful weather ahead, but we wonder… have you shopped for shoes?

If not, we hope to help you find the hottest pairs to accompany your fashionable clothing and to match a great strand of pearls.

We think these cute white “Wish for It” platform strappy heels will look pearlicious with a pair of Pearls Only earrings or one of our beautiful pearl necklaces. read more

SHOES AND PEARLS: Too Fast “Long Gone” Heels and Pearls Only Jewelry

We are getting ready for summer and we hope you are too!

Part of getting ready is making sure you have all the clothing you are going to need to be chic for the beautiful weather ahead, but most importantly, have your been shoe shopping?

If not, we hope we can help you amazing shoes to match all of the looks in your closest and accessorize them with pearls.

We think these “Long Gone” heels will look amazing with a pair of Pearls Only earrings or one of our beautiful pearl necklaces.

You can find these shoes at: heels.com for $79.99. read more

PEARL FASHION: Salvador Dali Ruby and Pearl Lips Brooch

Looking to get your pearl fix? Look no further than these Salvador Dali Ruby Lips Brooch” featuring pearls and rubies.

Learn more about the brooch below:

“An iconic brooch by surrealist artist, Salvador Dali, of ruby lips with pearl teeth set in 18 karat gold the brooch consists of approximately 200 pave set rubies and eleven spherical pearl teeth. The rubies are well matched with good saturation and weigh approximately six carats. Signed on the side with “18K” and the impressed mark reading “Dali HK” The HK stands for Henry Kaston who made Dali’s jewelry from the late 1970’s through the 1980’s. read more

PEARL FASHION: Wear a Pearl Flower Brooch to the Office for Style

Are you a woman who finds yourself dressing up in a suit and blouse every morning? Do you ever get tired of wearing the same kind of look and blending in with your fellow business professionals? If you answered yes, to any of these questions then this “Darina Brooch – White AA 11-12mm Freshwater Pearl Brooch” is perfect for you.

This gorgeous freshwater pearl and rhinestone brooch, which appears to be a flower, is a neat and professionally stylish way to show your sense of fashion with your work attire without looking unprofessional. read more

Pearl Fashion Fact: Queen Alexandra of Denmark Wore Pearl Chokers to Hide Scar

Alexandra of Denmark, full name Alexandra Caroline Marie Charlotte Louise Julia was born on December 1, 1844 and died on November 20, 1925. She was Queen consort of the United Kingdom and Empress of India as the wife of King-Emperor Edward VII.

Queen Alexandra was well known for her style, jewelry, and most importantly her pearls.

In a majority of her images, you will notice that she has layers of pearls and diamond dog-collar chokers, called a ‘collier de chien’ on her neck but the question is why. read more

FASHIONISTA IN PEARLS: Ms. Elitou, Fashion Blog Editor of Pearls Only!

Our fashion blog editor, Ms. Elitou enjoyed a wonderful sunny day in Philadelphia wearing black pearls from our Black Label Collection. The Edith Earrings made of sterling silver and freshwater pearls are very delicate and feminine and look great with almost anything. She also wore the heart shaped Carlin Pendant that is also a part of the Black Label Collection.The Carlin Pendant is made of 14kt white gold, Japanese Akoya Pearl, and accented with a few diamonds. Ms. Elitou chose to wear it with a black and white striped blazer, and for accent she added a purple shirt. “I really love these pieces. I received so many compliments about the pendant,” Ms. Elitou said when asked about her jewelry. “They thought that the pendant was so different and dainty. I had one lady said that she thought it was very spunky for pearl.”   We aim to please when it comes to purchasing pearls from Pearls Only. When we deliver every package, we include a gift box, an appraisal certification, a beautiful storage bag, a 90-day money back guarantee and a few sample pearls.   When we asked Ms. Elitou, on what occasions would she wear her pearls the most, she responded, “Are you kidding me? They are so versatile that I can wear them any time that I want!!!” read more

PEARL FASHION: 5 Lovely Pearl Heart Pendants for Valentine’s Day

As you hold and embrace the one you love this upcoming Valentine’s Day, give her something she will always cherish and wear close to her heart—a pearl heart pendant. These pendants that we are sharing with you are not only beautiful but they are also an inexpensive way to give the one you love something totally unique and straight from the heart. There is no doubt that she will love these pieces for years to come. 

Check out some of the most heartfelt pendants for this loving holiday.

 Leeza Pendant – Lavender AA 9-10mm Freshwater Pearl Pendant read more

PEARL FASHION: 5 Unique Pearl Pendants

Many of us associate a pearl necklace with a simple strand of white freshwater pearls, but in modern times, you can now find some really gorgeous pearl pendants in different styles, colors, pearl qualities, and origins—how wonderful is that?

With unique and beautiful pearl pendants like the ones we included below, you can now give up the “old school” ideas that pearls are for a mature woman, and catch up to the latest trending pearls that are sleek and chic. Pearls can now be worn at any age and for almost any occasion. read more