47 Sensational Pearl Wedding Dresses For Your Special Day

If you’re looking for the perfect bridal gown, a pearl wedding dress is definitely an ideal choice. And if you’re just looking for inspiration, then prepare yourself to be truly amazed. A pearl encrusted wedding dress is a go-to source when you’re looking to accentuate your femininity. We all agree that pearls have an eternal beauty and a timeless elegance, so wearing a wedding dress with pearls will help you achieve a spectacular and flawless look. In continuation to our post about pearl wedding cakes, which can be read here, we decided to show you a fascinating selection of wedding dresses which aims to help you choose THE dress at least a little bit.

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8 Style Lessons Inspired By Kate Middleton’s Elegance

Wondering how to look elegant just like your favorite royalty? Today’s post will show you eight simple ways to look as stylish as Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Elegance. She is well known for her grace, style, elegant fashion sense, and her rules of etiquette. We totally admire her and we love how she uses classic fashion tips in her own advantage.

So keep reading to find out how to look stylish without too much effort. Every single way will be easy to follow and you’ll be able to incorporate it in your everyday life starting with the next occasion. In order to show you these simple ways to look amazing in any context, we studied a bit some of Kate’s appearances and found out how to look elegant and classy taking into account these eight rules.

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7 Elegant Pearl Earrings That Confirm ” Less is More “

Today’s post will show you some elegant pearl earrings that will absolutely confirm the fact that less is more. We are pretty sure we can all agree that simplicity will always be appreciated. There’s something special about it: it’s timeless! Simplicity in fashion  will never go out of style. And simple, but real pearl earrings help you achieve a spectacular look without too much effort. So keep reading to find out how the right pair of pearl earrings will give you a flawless look!

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10 Pearl Anniversary Gift Ideas For That Special Person

Today’s post is about pearl anniversary gift ideas that are perfect for Mother’s Day (for those of you who will celebrate it soon in May) and for any other kind of celebration. Our suggestions are suitable for wedding anniversary gifts, birthdays, or special occasions that are meant to surprise the woman you love and cherish.

51 Amazing Pearl Cupcakes Perfect For Celebrations

Today’s blog post is extremely sweet and it’s for all of you who have a sweet tooth for cupcakes and pearls! So we combined them and gathered pearl cupcakes that are suitable for all kind of anniversaries. Frankly, you don’t even need a special occasion to eat them 😊, you should treat yourself from time to time without having a reason. All in all, since we covered pearl wedding cakes in a previous blog post, and because many of the bakeries replied a bit too late, we decided to continue the theme and create a second blog post (about cupcakes with pearls) and a third part (about pearl decorated cakes for different anniversaries) in order to cover more sweets with pearls.  So keep reading, because we’re pretty sure you’ll be tempted to create many occasions in order to serve them!

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Indoor And Outdoor Easter Decorations Spotted on Pinterest

For those of you who celebrate Easter, we decided to collect some lovely, modern, and easy to replicate indoor and outdoor Easter decorations, which we found on Pinterest. We did not forget about the Easter egg decorations, so we also included some effortless, yet very original ideas. Therefore, we went straight to the largest source of inspiration, Pinterest, and discovered some amazing (some of them non-traditional) ways of decorating both your indoor and outdoor space! So if you’re interested to try some ideas or simply see how others perceive Easter holidays, keep reading this post!

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68 Dazzling Pearl Wedding Cakes We Found On Instagram

Are you getting married in the near future? Then this blog post is perfect for you because we will show you a huge selection of pearl wedding cakes that will amaze you! Wedding plans are not complete if you haven’t decided what kind of wedding cake you’re going to have! Or maybe you’re a cake enthusiast, constantly looking for new ideas and inspiration? Keep reading because today’s post is truly special!

Summer Fashion Trends for 2017 Than Can be Combined With Pearls

Summer is just around the corner, so this gives us a perfect occasion to talk about summer fashion trends that you should include this year in your wardrobe. If you’re ready to freshen up your closet, you should know that many of  2017’s hottest trends are continuing on from last year, and those that are changing things up should only require few touch ups to be on-point.  So enter into this summer with these trend tips in mind, since all of them are ultra feminine. Plus, they have a strong potential to last longer than the summer season.

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47 Amazing Pearl Inspired Outfits from Instagram

Hello, pearl lovers! If you haven’t had enough of pearls, today we will show you some amazing pearl outfits from Instagram! Since the previous two articles covered pearl fashion trends in terms of clothing items and pearl embellished accessories from designers and affordable brands, this blog post will actually show you some of our favorite pearl items incorporate into real and ready to wear outfits.

Pearl Embellished Accessories That Keep Trending

Today’s post is about pearl embellished accessories that keep trending. They are in this year’s fashion trends, but they have been popular over the past years as well. The previous article was about pearl fashion trends that have become prominent this year and which  have been spotted on fashion presentations, on the streets and on many outfits displayed by fashion bloggers. Now, we will show you 20 pearl embellished accessories that are totally fabulous. So, if you want to rejuvenate your spring and summer wardrobe, make sure to add some of these pearl accessories because we guarantee the “wow” effect.

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