How To Wear Pearl Necklaces At Work

When you wear the right kind of pearl jewelry to work it can help to give you a more sophisticated, yet fashionable look. But don’t think for one minute that wearing a pearl necklace is conservative or old-fashioned. There are many different designs available that will make you feel happier and will help you look forward to the day ahead. Read this post and find our recommendations when it comes to wearing pearls at the office!

pearl graduation gift idea

Choosing The Perfect Pearl Graduation Gifts For Your Daughter

There are many milestones that your daughter will be faced with over the coming years.  The first one will be her graduation from high school.   Just like with other important events in her life such as turning 18 or 21 we like to mark these with a gift.   When it comes to your daughter graduating why not present her with something beautiful that will last for years to come. A piece of wonderful pearl jewelry as a memorable graduation gift will definitely make a statement.

How To Wear Pink Pearls This Summer

Most women wear white pearl jewelry.  Yet the wearing of pink pearl jewelry is now becoming ever more popular. One reason why such pearl jewelry is becoming increasingly popular as it is suitable for wearing against various complexions.

Unlike some other kinds of pearl jewelry, you find that wearing pink pearls helps to improve and enhance the colour of your skin, providing it with a more natural glow.

In fact, these days pink pearls have now become very much a staple piece in any woman’s jewelry collection.   The femininity of these pearls gives off an aura that is fresh and innocent. read more

Why Did Jackie O. Kennedy Love Pearls So Much?

Throughout history, numerous style icons have incorporated the iridescence of pearls into their aesthetic. Jackie O. Kennedy was one the first to transform pearls into an everyday style statement, claiming that “Pearls are always appropriate”.

Jackie Kennedy reinvented pearls, as well as other icons such as Coco Chanel, taking them from a symbol of status into a status of style, allowing women to exude the panache of both. Read the post to find out why did she love pearls so much!

cheap pearl earrings

Cheap Pearl Earrings For Every Pocket

Here is the ultimate guide to getting your ideal pearl earrings with  a limited budget. Cheap pearl earrings can be found everywhere, but not cheap but real pearl earrings. We all know there are many styles and many shapes of earrings. It depends on your outfit, makeup, personal taste, and of course budget. Every day we see celebrities wearing high end and custom tailored outfits, with flawless faces done by professional makeup artists and jewelry that seems so expensive it is still reserved for royalty in today’s time of democracy. That’s not entirely true. With careful research and budget planning you also can find a set of elegant pearls for you or your loved ones. For example, on our website you can find several pearl earrings for around $50 a pair. Read more to find our which pair suits you better.

pink pearl bracelets

Build A New Fashion Style This Season Wearing Pink Pearl Bracelets

The pink pearl bracelets are no longer reserved only for the romantics! Bracelets can come in different colors and materials, and reflect an entire trend with many different styles. With the warmer weather coming in slowly, it is the perfect time to learn and think of new ways to wear them. Your hands are exposed and naked and simply crave for some decor that will emphasize your skin tone and glow.

pearl earrings wedding collection

Pearl Earrings Wedding Collection Could Be Your Something New!

So the big day is about to come and you have done all that you can to arrange every possible thing at your wedding. You have your something borrowed, your something blue, and now you are wondering what could be your something new. Here’s an idea – our Pearl Earrings Wedding Edition! Pearls are the safest bet for any wedding jewelry. For years pearls have been associated with affluence and nobility. Also, Ancient Greece regarded pearls as a sign of marital harmony and auspiciousness. In fact, they believed that pearls had the power to prevent the splendorous bride from breaking down. Simply put, there is so much pressure on you to look amazing and naturally, you would want to look your best on such a wonderful occasion.

pink pearl earrings

Your Style Guide for Wearing Pink Pearl Earrings

Pearls are making a comeback in fashion thanks to the celebrities, who are acting as the driving force behind this shift.  We often get asked how to properly wear pink pearl earrings.  While white pearls will have their eternal beauty, pink pearls are appropriate for younger ages as well, So, we have dedicated this post to these lovely and delicate pieces of pearl jewelry. Furthermore, these beautiful  pink pearl earrings can be paired with many precious stones for a distinct appearance. Thus,  pink pearls offer you an array of attractive options to choose from. Keep reading to find out how celebrities are rocking this kind of pearl earrings and how you can incorporate them in your outfits.

white pearl rings for women

Colors Of Pearl Rings For Women – A Symbol Of Strength And Independence

Cultured pearl rings for women are true assets to every fashionable lady’s collection of jewelry. They represent strength and contribute to the unique style with their own story. Not so while back, pearl rings were often used for proposals as engagement rings. Today this is a less conventional accessory, but people who wear them emphasize their presence and sense of self for everyone who sees them. Continue reading and find out our tips on how to wear a pearl ring.

drop pearl earrings with diamonds diamond

How to Rock a Pair of Pearl Earrings with Diamonds

Diamonds are forever and Pearls are timeless, and together they are a classic combination that never goes out of style! From Coco Chanel to Audrey Hepburn to Princess Diana, the pearl earrings with diamonds combination has a long history of decking up the prettiest of women to ever grace the earth.  And we can’t blame them. So why should you be deprived of attaining this exquisiteness? Gone are the days when it was thought that these stones could only be worn by the affluent. Pearls and diamonds are making a comeback thanks to contemporary celebrities and style gurus. Interestingly, pearl earrings with diamonds can be worn consistently by women of all ages and can easily be paired with almost all outfits. Thus, they have triggered a massive appeal to women from all walks of life. Find out how you can wear them and discover some wonderful designs from our pearl earrings collection.