You don’t have to be a shell, no

You’re the one that rules your world, oh

You are strong and you’ll learn that you can still go on

And you’ll always be a, a pearl

Katy Perry – “Pearl” Lyrics


This week we, at Pearls Only, are celebrating the beauty of pearls. I know, we celebrate pearls everyday but this week we will be celebrating with a fashion stylist that knows the importance of wearing pearls and why they are associated with class, elegance, professionalism and great stature.

Tish Thomas, a fashion stylist that has worked with major campaigns that include, Target, Nordstrom’s, Old Navy and Kenneth Cole, just to name a few, enlightens us on when pearls are not fashionable.

Can it be possible that pearls can be not in fashion? We, at Pearls Only, feel that pearls fit almost any style and go with anything. Read on to what Ms. Thomas has to say: read more


“As pearls are beautifully created from rough folds and many layers, yet revered as a rare gem….the woman that wears them, is one in the same.”- Tish Thomas, Fashion Stylist

ASK MS. ELITOU: What Is The Symbolism Of A Pearl Gift?

Pearls are very special because they are one-of-a-kind, they are natural, and they are the only stone that comes from a living species therefore the symbolism of a pearl given as a gift is very powerful.

Pearls are beautiful stones that are known for their elegance and grace so when giving a pearl as a gift to someone you love it shows that you acknowledge their maturity and lady ways.

When a person gives a pearl accessory to a loved one, they are showing traits associated with friendship, love, faithfulness, and loyalty which are powerful. read more

CELEBRITIES IN PEARLS: Marilyn Monroe Only Loved to Wear Her Husband’s Pearls

Marilyn Monroe is forever an icon of style but an interesting fact that many of you may not know is that this fashion influencer had almost no interest in jewelry. There was one piece that she really treasured and that was a simple 16 inch string of pearls given to her by her husband, Joe DiMaggio, during their Japan honeymoon in January 1954.

Monroe and DiMaggio divorced later in the year (1954) allegedly due to DiMaggio’s constant requests for Marilyn to give up her career. During their divorce hearing, it turns out that she still had love for not only DiMaggio, but she also still had love for the Mikimoto pearl necklace he had given her because she wore it to court during their divorce hearing. read more