How To Wear Pink Pearls This Summer

Most women wear white pearl jewelry.  Yet the wearing of pink pearl jewelry is now becoming ever more popular. One reason why such pearl jewelry is becoming increasingly popular as it is suitable for wearing against various complexions.

Unlike some other kinds of pearl jewelry, you find that wearing pink pearls helps to improve and enhance the colour of your skin, providing it with a more natural glow.

In fact, these days pink pearls have now become very much a staple piece in any woman’s jewelry collection.   The femininity of these pearls gives off an aura that is fresh and innocent.

There are an array of different occasions when it is acceptable for you to wear say a pink pearl bracelet, pink pearl necklace or a pair of pink pearl earrings.   Such pieces of jewelry are far subtler than diamonds because they lack any flashiness to them.   Rather, their gentle lustre provides a discreet glow and a touch of elegance to just about any outfit you choose to wear your pink pearl jewelry with.

Here Are Some Ways To Rock Pink Pearls This Year

1.  Go For Layers

For a trendier look create layers of pearls, wear 2 or 3 strands of pearls together.  You could if you want you could your pink pearls with other necklaces.

pink pearl necklace

Let them hang and use some adjustable chains to create the perfect-layered look.  Wear them over a plan white or black t-shirt along with a tailored blazer.

2.  Ring In The New Style

This year it is okay to pair your pink pearls with sterling silver.  So opt for a pink pearl bracelet or a pink pearl pendant that includes silver in the design.  To further enhance your look you could also team your bracelet, pendant, and pink pearl necklace with a stunning pair of drop pink pearl earrings.

pink pearl pendant

Although will look stunning when worn with something semi-formal such pieces will look just as great worn with a pair of jeans and a simple white blouse.

3.  Resize Your Fashion Sense

The natural beauty of pink pearls is that you find that none are ever the same.  But for some reason over the centuries people have tried to make say a pink pearl necklace set that comes with uniform pearls in the design.

However, this year you’ll find that it perfectly okay to want to wear different size pearls together.  You’ve got a couple of ways in which you can do this.

First, you can pair together a couple of pink pearl necklaces or bracelets.  One of these will comprise larger size pink pearls, whilst the other will be made up of much smaller ones.   These are the kinds of pieces of jewelry to wear when you will meet your friends for brunch.

pink pearls set

However, for nights out with your partner then opt for a pink pearl necklace that comprises alternate small and large size pearls.  This will help to bring out your wild side; yet will still add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

4.  Can You Hear What I’m Saying? 

These days pearl earrings aren’t something that you may borrow from your grandmother, they are full of life.

For a modern twist pair a beautiful set of pink pearl drop earrings with your favourite dressy outfit.  However, if you are someone who likes to be a little adventurous then think about investing in a beautiful pair of baroque shaped drop earrings made up of pink pearls.

pink pearl earrings

If you are someone that doesn’t want to stand out in a crowd then of course you could always choose a stunning pair of pink stud pearl earrings instead.  These look great teamed with any kind of outfit from your favourite leggings to that little black dress.

5.  Now Is The Time To Be Bold

Now is the time for you to find the perfect statement pink pearl necklace.  In fact, statement necklaces are the must-have piece of jewelry for any time of the year.

If you want to take it easy try teaming say a simple pair of pink pearl earrings or a pink pearl pendant with a black t-shirt or blouse.

However, if you are ready to dive straight into standing out then team a pearl choker with a stunning pair of pink pearl statement earrings.  Such pieces can be worn when lunching with your BFF or dining out with your hubby.

pink pearl ring

Above we offered you some ways of how to wear pink pearls this year.  However, there are a few other things you need to consider to ensure that the ones you do wear look fabulous without looking flash.

Tips To Help Enhance The Beauty Of Your Pink Pearls

Below are some tips you may find useful in helping you to select the right kind of pink pearl jewelry to wear.

1.  Choose A Shade That Best Compliments Your Skin Tone

Most women with fair skin complexions will opt for wearing white pearls, yet there are some subtle pink pearls shades that look just as wonderful against such skin.

However, if your skin tone is darker you might opt to wear pink pearls that have a rose or peach tone to them.  Darker skin tones will really help to bring out the beauty of these colour pearls.

2.  Aim To Match Them With The Colour Of Your Nail Polish

Generally, it is accepted that you should wear pink pearls with rose-toned nail polish.  However, these days if the pearls you are wearing aren’t too shiny then it is okay to wear a nail polish colour that matches the colour of your pink pearls.

In fact to add a touch of timeless beauty to your whole outfit make sure you try and match the colour of the nail polish with the colour of your pearls.

3.  Go For Pink Pearl Sets That Comprise Matching Colours

If you’ve already purchased say a pink pearl necklace, with a matching set of earrings or bracelet then go for a ring with the same coloured pearl in the design.   However, if you want to really show off the beauty of the pink pearl jewelry you are wearing choose a ring that has a much darker or lighter coloured pink pearl in the design.

4.  Wear Your Pink Pearls With A Contrasting Coloured Outfit

Most women love to wear a pink pearl necklace against bare skin.  However, if the necklace is long they often choose to wear it with white or pastel coloured outfits.   This makes the necklace look a little dated.

This year to really be on trend, it is far better to wear your pink pearl earrings or necklace with an outfit in much darker colours.  You could for example team your necklace or earrings with a dark red, mauve or even grey dress or top and pair of jeans.

5.  Make Up – Choose Pearly Shades

When you are wearing pink pearls this is a very important tip to keep in mind.  You should look at wearing pearly eye shadow along with dark eyeliner.  They look stunning together.

Go for more creamy coloured shades for your eyes that match the beauty and simplicity of your pink pearls.

As for your lips, you need to choose colours that are a darker shade to your pearls.   If the lipstick you choose to wear is closer in colour to your pink pearls it can make you look a little drained.

pink ropes of pearls

After you’ve decided on which pieces of pink pearl jewelry you want to add to your jewelry collection this year, just remember to wear them.   Remember that pink pearls like all other kinds of pearls are meant to be worn and to be admired.   If you do not wear them to often and do not care for them properly over time they can begin to lose their luster and beauty.

Like all other pearls any piece of jewelry containing pink pearls in the design can be worn easily with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and with that all-important little black dress.   So choose pieces that you know that you will want to wear time and time again. Here at we have wonderful selection freshwater pink pearls for you to choose from.  All of them come in a variety of different sizes and shapes, and prices, so finding something that suits your particular tastes and budget shouldn’t prove difficult.


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