Step by step instructions to apply your mineral cosmetics

So you’ve been peering toward up mineral cosmetics for quite a while now or you’ve recently chosen your ideal shade! Whatever your reasons, let our manual for mineral cosmetics application alter your choice! Why are we telling you about mineral cosmetics? That’s simple because mineral makeup and cosmetics contain only pure ingredients and quite often get their shimmery glow from crushed pearls! Sounds luxurious doesn’t it!


It is safe to say that you are new to mineral cosmetics? You have most likely caught wind of the build-up the items are bringing about right now with numerous women and celebrities alike who are all deciding to put down their containers of usual chemical-laden makeup and select the light and cushioned feeling of minerals on their skin – not only is it more luxurious it is also better for the skin.

The advantages of mineral cosmetics are second to none; it’s useful for your skin, it’s nourishing, and contains no fake fixings. The use of mineral cosmetics can be an unwinding and pleasant experience on the grounds that you are not putting anything false onto your skin; you are spoiling it with rich mineral mixed powders, and even pearls! Mineral cosmetics are ideal for every daywear or for those uncommon events where you need to look astounding in your new dress or new outfit and when you truly need to emerge from the group.

Whether you’re totally new to mineral cosmetics or would like an incredible and simple manual to make your mind up about this gorgeously natural beauty trend, lets talk about how your going to accomplish the ideal look you’ve generally needed!

Several mineral cosmetics companies like to include pearls and even crushed diamonds in their formulas claiming it gives them that ultimate sparkly finish to their look! Some may think adding diamonds to their formula is a little bit indulgent.



Cleanliness is the way to magnificence. At the point when applying mineral cosmetics the best way to start is by you washing your hands first to diminish the possibilities of spreading germs, dirt and microscopic organisms.

1.Begin with a clear canvas! Begin by cleaning your face altogether with your standard cleanser as beginning with totally new and clean surface is the most perfect way to start. A tender exfoliator is typically best in the event that you haven’t got sensitive skin. Leave your skin to settle for a couple of minutes before making the following stride…

2.Get a good moisturiser! Minerals like to “bond” and hold fast to your skin and if your face is a little on the dry side they may not stick around the length of time you’d like. With clean fingers, moisturise your face and neck before hand with a decent quality lotion – just don’t over do it! Make sure you wait at least 10 minutes prior to applying the mineral cosmetics so the lotion can sink into your skin appropriately then the mineral makeup can ‘bond’ to your skin perfectly.

3.Cover it up! Start with your mineral concealer to battle any redness, dark circles, pigmentations or spots. Apply your mineral concealer to the uneven skin tones, for example, the under eye region and the edges of your nose. Carefully and lightly dot the concealer onto the skin and blend it in utilizing light spotting movements. Concealers ought to be an unmissable piece of your cosmetics application schedule.

mineral makeup


The brush is the most imperative instrument you will use for applying mineral makeup products so you are best getting an astounding quality one and you will reap the rewards in beautifully flawless skin.

4.Little is more! The immense thing about mineral cosmetics is that a little goes an awfully long way. Pour a little measure of the mineral makeup (or eye shadow and so on.) into the top of the pot it comes in as this helps abstain from utilizing vast sums you needn’t bother with and keeps things clean as well. When you have done this a couple times you will start to comprehend the ideal sum you requirement for ideal application.

5.Fully loaded and prepared! After your brush is loaded, touch it off in the sifter jug to clean off any overabundance powder. Apply the cosmetics in delicate roundabout movements on the skin so you get a very much-levelled out scope and rehash a few times everywhere throughout the face paying attention to all regions including under the jaw and close to the ears.

6.Buff that powder! The more cosmetics you apply and buff, the heavier the scope will be on your skin. You will more often than not find that 2-3 applications is generally simply the appropriate sum. So once applied, buff, buff and buff some more for a beautifully soft and silky look!


If you are in love with your liquid foundation all is not lost! why not mix somewhat mineral powder with your most loved moisturiser and apply it that way.

7.Get that cheeky blush! Presently you can include that lovely cheeky blush look or bronzer depending upon your preference and the event. Once more, apply the blusher/bronzer to your brush in precisely the same route; circular motions. Utilizing a round movement apply the blusher to the apples of the cheeks then going upwards towards the ears.

8.Make those eyes pop! Now you can apply your mineral eyeshadow. Once you’ve chosen a beautiful and complimentary shading, guarantee you have a decent, light covering of foundation on your face to act as a base for the mineral eyeshadow to stick to. Take your eye shadow brush and dab it into the shadow and tap off any abundance. Apply it to your top lid using descending strokes beginning from the external corner going inwards.

So there you have it, you are completely prepared to have the capacity to apply your mineral cosmetics flawlessly and splendidly to accomplish perfect and glowing makeup with a few top tips tossed in along the way! Applying mineral cosmetics is never a chore; it’s a marvel treatment that can be delighted in by you and your skin.



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