Cultured Pearls

Cultured PearlsThank goodness for cultured pearls! Natural pearls, or pearls that have not been cultured, are almost never found these days. Cultured pearls are very, very beautiful and are genuine pearls.
Today, cultured pearl jewelry in the form of a cultured pearl necklace and matching cultured pearl earrings are available for jewelry collectors. However, if it had not for an inventive trio during the early 20th Century, we may have only seen pearls at special museum exhibitions or in paintings from bygone days.

Before cultured pearls, natural pearls are formed by an accident of nature when a small irritant manages to enter through an oyster or other mollusk’s hard shell. The oyster responds by secreting layer upon of layer of mother of pearl or nacre. After ten or so years, a small pearl may be formed.

However, this happens so rarely that nowadays, natural pearls are no longer found. Enter cultured Cultured Pearlspearls produced by the culturing process. The accident in nature is carefully replicated by a skilled technician. The oysters are carefully nurtured for years. Then, some, but not all, will produce lovely cultured pearls. As a result cultured pearls are formed by a natural process initiated by man.

In addition to their saltwater cousins, freshwater cultured pearls have become increasingly popular. Also, Freshwater cultured pearls tend to be available in a variety of colors. Freshwater cultured pearls are available in colors of white, pink, lavender and dark gray. The palette offered by freshwater cultured pearls gives discriminating jewelry collectors a greater choice of colors to best match their natural coloring, style and personality.

Cultured pearl jewelry can be both elegant and fun! Wearing a lovely lavender cultured pearl necklace can add a touch of romance to any outfit. Add a classic white cultured pearl necklace then pair it a set of matching cultured pearl earrings for that special event for a touch of class and elegance.

Cultured pearl jewelry is also perfect for every occasion! You will be in elegant style whether you wear a pair of cultured pearl earrings to the relaxed weekend brunch with friends or wear a beautiful cultured pearl necklace to the most formal of occasions. Thank goodness for cultured pearls and cultured pearl jewelry. With so many choices from cultured pearl earrings to cultured pearl necklaces, cultured pearls are also the perfect gift!

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