Black Pearls

This famous Byron line conjures the enchantment of the night. Images of a mysterious and alluring woman as she wears the colors of the night are found in beautiful black pearls. Maybe she is wearing a lustrous black pearl necklace. Or she could be wearing black pearls around her wrists, as earrings or in her hair. The imagery is very vivid and intense, just like black pearl jewelry.

There are different types of black pearls. Black pearl jewelry bathes the wearer in enchantment and mystery. Whether wearing a black pearl necklace, a bracelet, or earrings, black pearls are simply alluring.

Black pearls are steeped in a mysterious but deep and powerful history. It was believed that the black pearl harnessed the magical energies of the night. So, enchanters and enchantresses called upon the black pearl for magical assistance with their spells. Soothsayers wore a black pearl amulet to strengthen their powers to foresee the future. In some Asian cultures, the ruling Emperor or Empress wore a large black pearl as a seal of office and as a symbol of their dominion.Black Pearls

There are many types of black pearl jewelry available today. The largest types of black pearls are Tahitian black pearls. Tahitian black pearls are born in the oceans near the Island of Tahiti. Waves of color gleam and glisten. The rich colors of the ocean dance in the deep black luster of magnificent Tahitian black pearls.

Tahitian black pearls are rare and very unique. As a result, to find a matched set of Tahitian black pearls for earrings can be very difficult. It would be much more difficult to find enough black pearls for a Tahitian black pearl necklace.

The mystery and allure of black pearls make them one of the most sought after pearls in history. Today, you too can be that mysterious lady. Wear your own black pearls and Walk in beauty like the night.

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