21 Ways to Wear Pearls Day or Night

21  ways to wear pearls

21 ways to wear pearls

Pearls are not just for your grandma anymore!

Pearls have become a growing trend in fashion as they add a since of class and panache to bright colored clothing like ruby reds and emerald greens. Perish the thought of wearing just a thread of white pearls because pearls can be found in an array colors including black, pink and lavender. There are also a variety of styles and setting to choose from. Whether the pearl is in a star setting surrounded by diamonds or a cluster of pearls wrapped perfectly into a double strand necklace, pearls are the new go-to pieces to accentuate your wardrobe.

When wearing a white pearl necklace, it helps to brighten and make your blouse stand out. Pearls are also a fashionable way to dress up what many would consider dressed down. Think of doubling or tripling your strand of pearls and creating arm candy. You can also add a few hard gold bangles to make your arm the major focal point of your style. A great look with pearls is a red button down blouse and leather pants or blue jeans for the “All American Girl” look.

There are countless ways in which you can adorn your string of pearls, but we have come up with twenty-one ways that will take your look from great to amazing!

Check out the images below and find the look that best fits you.

  1. Triple knot
  2. Triple Strand with brooch
  3. Double Strand choker with hang
  4. Ribbon twist
  5. Classic uneven double strand
  6. Triple Strand with a ribbon
  7. Classic Triple Strand
  8. Anchor link
  9. Triple Strand choker with cluster of jewelry
  10. Double strand with flower Pins
  11. Long double strand
  12. Triple Strand layer with butterfly pin
  13. Choker with long knot
  14. Twisted knot short strand with ribbon
  15. Quadruple Strand choker
  16. Backward choker with long knot
  17. European tie
  18. Uneven choker and long strand
  19. Uneven double strand with flower brooch
  20. Classic uneven 3 strand
  21. Double strand rainfall

What are some of the ways that you wear your fabulous pearls? Share your ideas…

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