Got a sweet tooth? Well, this pretty number will fulfill your taste buds and also appease your love for fashion and pearls.

This cake is called “The Matissette” and it was created by CONNIE CUPCAKE LUXURY CAKES whose slogan is “Custom Wedding Cakes. Made once. Made for you.”

We love the slogan because these days’ weddings are all about unique spins on tradition and with a cake like this; it will be the center of attention on your dessert table.

This is one of their most notable designs because of the gorgeous pearls and ruffles inspired after seeing a spring collection from famed Canadian Designer, Lucian Matis. read more

ASK MS. ELITOU: How can I bring pearls into my wedding theme?

Pearls are amazing stones that are very versatile and bring the perfect touch of sophistication which makes it a splendid addition to your wedding theme.

A question you need to ask yourself is, “Do pearls fit my theme?”  This important question must be answered in order to determine if pearls would be too much, out of place, or the perfect décor to your special occasion.

There are many ways to add panache to your wedding with a touch of pearls by incorporating them into the following:

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PEARL INSPIRATION: Pearl Wedding Cakes

Everything seems to be going as planned. You have your dream dress being altered to perfection. The venue is the one that you wanted and the location is perfect for everyone. You have a catered meal fit for royalty and now you need the perfect wedding cake to go with your classy wedding décor. You are looking for something modern, fancy, simple, and unique but how can you get all of this and more?

There are a few ideas that you will want to consider when purchasing your delicious and beautiful treat. read more