HOLIDAY GIFT UNDER $25: ASOS Large Faux Pearl Bun Holder

It’s time for holiday shopping and Pearls Only wants to make your shopping experience 10 times easier with our holiday gift suggestions for every budget!

Today’s gift is under $25 making it a great addition to your shopping list.

This gift is for the Fashionista in your life that loves to stand out and be the center of attention.

The ASOS collection has made a gorgeous pearl bun holder that is so chic that your Fashionista will make this her favorite fashion staple. The ASOS Large Faux Pearl Bun Holder features large faux pearl beads and elasticized insert for adjustable fit. It can be yours for only $15.16! How awesome is that? read more

PEARL DIY: Delicate Pearl Bow Hair Accessories by

We love sharing with you amazing pearl DIYs, and today we have for you a really cute one to add to your hair accessory collection. We discovered this cool DIY from Aki, blogger of, where she shows us how to make a really delicate pearl hair bow!

Aki gives you a simple way to create pearl bow adornments for your hair whether it be worn as a barrette/clip, or glued to a headband to create a pretty, elegant accessory.

The hair accessories can be made easily with very few steps. Here is a small list of supplies featured below: read more