PEARL FASHION: 5 Beautiful and Modest White Pearl Weddings Earrings

Modesty and class is most important on your wedding day and we at Pearls Only feel that you can easily stay in this mold with our gorgeous collection of white pearl earrings. The earrings come in all shapes, sizes, styles, qualities, finishes, and prices making it easy for any bride to get the look that best fits her style and her budget, which is VERY important.

Our earrings are not just from one day, but they are a keepsake and an item that makes memories that will last a lifetime and beyond!

Now that wedding season is closely upon us, it is time to show off some of our best earrings for Bride’s To Be. Pearls Only, has added a few overwhelming styles and designs that are sure to gain attention from all. read more

PEARL FASHION: Red and Gold Glam

So your single, no big deal! That is not going to stop you from going out and having fun with the girls. Not to mention when you were an outfit like this, you won’t be single for long!

Go dance the night away and look absolutely glamorous in a sparkling sequins dress and red suede heels. Add a fabulous red crystal studded clutch for all your necessities. Doll yourself up with red lips and sexy red nails. Let your hair flow long and straight but combed back (think Kim Kardashian).

Your jewelry must be amazing, so wear pearls that are modern and chic! Classic white pearls are great with gold and a pair of amazing cultured colored pearls for just a little edge. read more

PEARL FASHION: All Gold Everything

Gold has many symbolism but the ones that we are most familiar with is loyalty, success and wealth. So when you’re feeling like a million bucks, you should look like it too!

Wear a gold sweatshirt that shines and sparkles with a pair of boy jeans that are comfy and chic. Add a pair of beautiful gold pearl earrings like the ones featured in the collage from Pearls Only, and a gold watch to radiate the feel of richness. Complete your look with a pair of gold sneaker wedges and a natural toned handbag to blend the colors to perfection and you are ready to meet the girls, go on a date, or strut through the mall in all your fabulousness. read more