PEARL FASHION: Sophisticated Pearl-Embellished Tulle Gloves by Simone Rocha

























The 1960s was an amazing time for fashion. Women were elegant, fun, and loved to show off their style in cute dresses both long and short. We would love to bring back this time in fashion but since we can’t, we want to at least give you a taste of the style and so does Simone Rocha. z-467-255276-3-8ICXCLfs7dmF Simone Rocha created two elegant evening gloves in both black and nude, that features a delicate tulle silhouette adorned with darling pearls at the wrist for a bracelet-like effect. Both gloves are priced at $710 on Here is a closer look at the styles. z-467-255277-2-qDSnVpCObBlI

SIMONE ROCHA | Pearl-Embellished Tulle Gloves (NUDE)


SIMONE ROCHA | Pearl-Embellished Tulle Gloves (BLACK)

 What do you think of the gloves? Where would you wear them?

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