9 Must Have Fashion Items for the Upcoming Summer

After the long and harsh winters that many had to endure, we at Pearls Only are ecstatic about the forthcoming warm weather and we know you feel the same! In honor of the warming months, we have created an amazing list of 9 must-have fashion items for the upcoming summer.


We find a sun hat is essential to have during the summer because we are always searching for ways to stay cool and a sun hat is an instant way of finding shade. We say opt for a large brim hat and look for neutral colors to ensure your hat works perfectly with your selected looks.

How many? We suggest you look for at least one perfect hat for this season!


Sunglasses are not just for looking fashionable but they are a necessity to protect your eyes from harmful smog and UV rays.  We love the idea of having chic glasses for the summertime, and there is no way you can get through the summer without them in.

How many? We suggest you purchase at least 2 great pair of sun glasses for the summer. You should have one pair for showing off when you’re out with your friends, and one simply chic pair for the beach and boardwalk to protect your eyes.


Sandals are a huge must-have for the summer season because they are the epitome of summer. Sandals are great because they allow your feet to breathe and get the fresh air it was deprived from during the winter months. There are so many great choices to choose from, that there is no excuse as to why you shouldn’t have a pair.

How many? We suggest you purchase at least two pair of sandals. One for the day that offers you comfort and style, and one for the evening which offers you wonderful style and sophistication.


This is the number one look for this summer! The maxi dress is the best choice for the summer because it is fashionable, practical and great for keeping cool. Some maxi dresses are very classy and elegant and can be worn day or night. No need to stress in a maxi dress when you can instantly make you look glam!

How many? We suggest you purchase as many maxi dresses you can! We opt for at least five to ensure you have one for every occasion. Look to purchase a maxi dresses for noon tea time and one for late night walks on the beach with the one you love.


Pearls are a great accessory for the summer months because they are gorgeous and they offer you a piece of the sea when we can’t get near the ocean.

How many? We suggest you find yourself one pair of pearl earrings, one pearl necklace, and a pearl ring. The earrings for date night, the necklace for your dinner parties, and a pearl ring for your everyday wear.


Comfort is a huge necessity for summertime for those that like to hustle and bustle. Whether it is hiking on a trail or stepping out to the mall, sneakers provide the comfort and style you need to look good and feel good. Just because you want comfort doesn’t mean you have to compromise style which is what we love about the sneaker options available in 2015.

How many? We suggest you purchase at least two pair of sneakers for the summer so that you can designate one for your summer runs and exercise, and the other pair is for stepping out in style!


Whether you lounge poolside or you take a dip in the ocean, you always have to be ready to make a splash with a chic and reliable bathing suit! With so many different styles to choose from including everything in-between bikinis and one piece, you will surely be able to find what you want to fit your body shape.

How many? We suggest you purchase at least two bathing suits to ensure if one is in the wash you can still hit the pool.


Have fun this summer and say what’s on your mind by wearing a graphic t-shirt! Graphic t-shirts are no longer just for the spunky teen, they’re for everyone! With funny, positive and completely stylish graphics tees, we know you will be able to find at least one you will love!

How many? We suggest you purchase at least five graphic t-shirts because they are so easy to wear and great for your trips to the beach, shopping at the mall, and spending time with your family and friends.


Showing off your gorgeous legs should be the first thing you think of when it comes to the summer. A great pair of shorts not only provides you coolness but also comfort on hot summer days and nights. Find a pair of shorts that fit your style by choosing from many colors, cuts and fun patterns.

How many? We suggest you look for at least five pairs including denim and patterned designs so you can remain stylish.

What are your 9 must-have fashion items for the upcoming summer?  Is there anything that you would change? Is there anything that you would add?

We would love to read your thoughts and comments. Feel free to share below in our comment box!

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