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About Us
PearlsOnly was formed to provide well-informed shoppers top quality pearls - pearls that would be difficult to find in the finest of retail shows - directly through the internet. By blending the beauty of pearls with the power of the internet, advanced technology and direct marketing we have become a market leader in the internet pearl industry.

Our founding principles that have contributed to our success: top quality pearls without compromises leveraging technology to maintain low prices that no one can match. We have been fortunate to have some of the nicest customers possible, many with gentle hearts that often take a few minutes out of their busy schedules to write us about their experience with our pearls.

And every day, our hearts glow with pride, as another one of our pearls is strung, adorned with a gorgeous clasp, placed in a sturdy box, and sent off to a new owner.

How proud we are!

Paul Lepa
CEO and co-founder
Pearls Only

With offices all over the world we are the leader in Pearl market.