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Tahitian Earrings

Our collection of beautiful Tahitian Earrings are designed to be worn by women of all ages and will suit not only their style, but also their character. Each pair will add that all-important touch of mystery to your entire outfit.
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Tahitian Earrings Buying Tips

Did You Know? 

French Polynesia is the largest producer of Tahitian pearls, in fact, more than half the country’s exports are represented by these delicate pearls.

Tahitian pearls are known worldwide as “black pearls” because their natural colour is black. While Freshwater and Akoya pearls are dyed black, black Tahitian pearls are 100% natural. Since this is very rare, all black pearls are truly luxury items.

The delicate Tahitian pearls are produced by the giant black-lipped oyster (Pinctada margueritafera Cumingi).

Tahitian pearls are impressively large. They come in sizes from 8mm to 17mm, which makes them some of the largest pearls on the market.

Tahitian pearl earrings are an excellent jewellery piece for eveningwear, but can also be worn during the day. Any woman will be proud to wear such a delicate piece of jewellery. These pointers will help you choose the perfect pair.

  1. Earring Type

Not sure what style best fits you? These guidelines will answer your questions.


Tahitian pearl earrings can easily be worn during the day with casual outfits if you choose the studs design. This delicate piece of jewellery won’t overwhelm your outfit and also suits semi-formal attire.


Looking for a special occasion pair of earrings? You’ll fall in love with luxurious drop Tahitian pearl earrings that combine the simple black gemstone with the sophisticated white gold. This makes for a unique item of jewellery perfect for parties and business meetings.

  1. Occasion

What type of event is a luxury item like a black pearl appropriate for?

Formal Events

Nothing compliments an elegant outfit quite like a glamorous accessory. Tahitian pearl earrings are extremely versatile and they can be worn with a wide range of formal attire, making them key pieces for formal events.


Weddings are very special events that should be graced with fabulous jewellery pieces, such as a gorgeous set of Tahitian pearl earrings. Our selection will provide you with a wide range of luxurious choices.


A pair of black Tahitian pearl earrings can make any woman feel special on her anniversary. Luxury items are ideal as accessories or as gifts for the special occasion.

  1. Size


This is the smallest size available for Tahitian pearls and they are ideal for earring pieces because they make these pieces extremely versatile. This size permits the owner to pair them with both business, casual and formal outfits.


This is the small-medium size of Tahitian pearls we offer for earring sets. Available in both the single-pearl model and a wide variety of pearl and metal accessories, our earring sets can be fitted to any woman’s preferences.


These medium-large sized Tahitian pearl earrings are the embodiment of luxury. They will provide the wearer with a unique touch of elegance and they will enrich any formal outfit.


This is the largest size of Tahitian pearls we offer for earrings. Their size makes them statement pieces that are guaranteed to make the woman wearing them stand out in any crowd.