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PearlsOnly Japanese Akoya Bracelet

Japanese Akoya Bracelet

Any kind of Japanese Akoya Bracelet today will tend to be made using near perfectly round pearls. Allowing you to be able to wear some of the finest jewelry but without the huge price tag.
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Japanese Akoya Pearl

White Bracelets

Our traditional White Japanese Akoya Bracelet collection will really help to enhance your natural beauty.

Japanese Akoya Pearl

Black Bracelets

Explore our stunning collection of beautifully crafted Black Japanese Akoya Bracelet designs.

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Japanese Akoya Bracelet Buying Tips

Did You Know? 

Japanese Akoya pearls are some of the most appreciated types of pearls because of their impeccable quality. 

Hanadama pearls are the most qualitative specimens of the Akoya pearls. In order to be included in this category, the pearls need to meet specific display and structure criteria.

While Japanese Akoya pearls range from A to AAA quality, Hanadama pearls are the equivalent of an AAAA, which is the highest distinction that a pearl can get. Hanadama pearls are extremely rare. Less than 1% of an entire year’s pearl harvest meets the strict Hanadama criteria, which makes these pearls luxury items of the highest rank.

Japanese Akoya pearl bracelets are luxurious and elegant. Accentuated with a delicate clasp, the bracelets are perfect for daytime wear when casual outfits can be elevated in an instant by these sophisticated gems. The beauty of Akoya Pearls will enhance all complexions, adding a touch of elegance to your outfit. Hanadama pearls hold the highest rank among Akoya pearls because they are flawlessly beautiful. Take a look at our tips to make the best possible choice.

  1. Colour


For an everyday wear accessory, you can choose white Japanese Akoya bracelets. Very stylish, the white pearls will look striking with semi-formal attire and are easy to transition to evening outfits. Hanadama pearl bracelets are a symbol of luxury and elegance and they can enrich any outfit they are paired with.


A Black Japanese Akoya pearl bracelet will become your perfect party accessory. Distinguished and elegant, this jewellery item is paired with a silver clasp that will look splendid on fair complexions with cool undertones. Black pearls are easily accessorized with other jewellery pieces and can also be worn during daytime with a minimalist outfit.

  1. Type

Single Strand

Japanese Akoya pearl bracelets are subtle and stylish. Wearing a single strand Hanadama pearl bracelet on your wrist will accentuate the elegance of sophisticated outfits and make simple attire looked polished and professional.

Double Strand

A stylish accessory for parties and formal meetings, the double Strand Japanese Akoya pearl bracelet looks striking with strapless dresses and short-sleeved blouses. The medium-sized 7mm pearls look distinguished without overwhelming tiny wrists. The intricate design of the double strand clasp transforms this into a statement piece of jewellery that can be worn by women of all ages.